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"GREAT NEWS!  ON NOVEMBER 1, 2012 Donna Westover and Cladach Publishing will be presenting The Crimson River, the fourth and final book of the Mysterious Ways series this fall in both paperback and e-book form.  For autographed copies, The Crimson River, will be available for purchase in paperback from this website and from Cladach Publishing and in paperback or e-book.  Barnes and Noble will also have the book in paperback.

The complete set (all four books) will be available for Christmas, so be ready to buy these great inspirational books for someone special in your life, or for yourself.  You can place your orders now with the author or on Cladach Publishing's website."

About the Author

Donna Westover is an Army Brat, born at Fort Bragg, NC.  Her father's military career took her to interesting places where she learned to respect different cultures and beliefs.  She graduated from one of the two military high schools in the United States, Fort Knox High School, where she was first published in the High School magazine.  In the past, Donna used her writing skills in poetry and music, but in 2005, God gave her a gift, a fictional character by the name of Charlie Smith.  She penned her first novel, White As Snow, a Christmas Story in which Charlie is the main character.  From there, she's written a series of four books entitled Mysterious Ways which portray some of her own life's challenges through Charlie.  Mysterious Ways is a frontier fiction series set in 19th-Century Colorado Territory.  The Crimson River, the fourth and final book of the series, has a wonderful twist to it, sure to please the reader.

Donna is an ordained minister and is available to perform weddings, speak at graduations, ladies retreats, elementary school events, etc.  Please contact her at to schedule an event.


Donna lives and works in Colorado.

Contact Information:
1345 Colorado Parkway
Eaton, Colorado 80615